Monday, 29 November 2010


Sorry i have Been a bad dad and blogged for some time .. the truth is .. i have been canny busy .. work is coming in thick and fast with the oncoming festivities and we`ve all been doing our bit for Cancer Research and The Teenage Cancer Trust ...

Last Thursday and Friday saw a fantastic Variety Show in Claires name at the Royalty Theatre in Sunderland .. Organised by our very close friend Kilvi .. and raising over £1100 for Teenage Cancer Trust . The nights were full of laughter tears and cheers ! with performances from the Royalty Theatre Youth Academy.. Stickmen Productions .. Theatre people and the coquette burlesque collective .. most entertaining indeed ... Worth a fiver of any ones money to see Karl Hicks in a leotard !! Fantabulous !!!

A HUGE THANKYOU TO ALL CONCERNED .. PARTICULARLY GARY AND GILL AT THE GRANBY HOTEL SCARBOROUGH  who donated a weekend break for the raffle .. very kind indeed

SUNDAY .. was our planned walk from Sunderland to South Shields .. originally planned by Claire and Matty as a fundraiser for them to raise funds ... then due to the help of friends and family ended up with 62 participants ....

THE WEATHER WAS DREADFULL WITH 2ft SNOW DRIFTS .. so plans had to be made for an alternative route .. Paul had the idea of walking around the Royalty theatre block several times .. so .. 24laps and 3 hours later .. Cancer Research is £4500. better off !!!





Monday, 8 November 2010

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down !

In the famous words of the carpenters ..... what a horrid misserable day its been today .. dark, foreboding, temptuous !!!!
Bloody horrible actually .. and the first Sleet of this Winter .. oh joy ! nxt thing you know we`ll be having the snow ..

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Hi Blog Luvvies,
Sorry i haven`t updated for a while, have been busy doing nothing,nothing the whole day thru !... priced a few jobs this week so November is looking like a busy month for C.Y.D (Chris Young Decorators)
Had a Class night at the Halloween party on Saturday , Had Claire, Adam and Mattie round for most of the day Sat to help decorate the flat, which looked ossum ! a good time was had by all, and we raised a few pennies for Claire's Sponsored walk ... info at justgiving.comclaire_young1
Had a lovely few days last week spending time with Claire, and its always great to spend good times with my number1 boy Adam .
So whats ahead for the rest of the week i hear you ask ? Friday night we will all be at Sunderland Royalty Theatre watching my bessie mates in Journeys end .. then hopefully Saturday i can get to Alnwick to see father Brian for his 60th birthday celebrations !!! Alas will have to drive home as Mr P. and I are on bar duty at the Theatre on Saturday Night... I then Plan to win the lottery and fly around the world in 80 days, promote world peace and end poverty .. so quite a lot on really x

Thursday, 21 October 2010

My aching heart

Well, about an hour ago we got the news we had been waiting for, not the result we wanted really but at least we know where we stand.
My beautiful babygirl will need radiotherapy at the end of her chemo treatment as some of the lymph tumors need a little extra shrinkage help !.she is so bloody brave, and will sail through it all without a flicker i`m sure ..where as i feel like my heart is going to drop out of my chest any second.... If anything was ever to happen to my beautiful daughter my world would just end ,, simple as that.
So on a positive note .. lets do something about it ! .. Claire is determined to fund raise for Cancer Research and has already raised over £500 for her sponsored walk via just giving at .
Sponsored walk details are on facebook at claires sponsored walk ..
Also the R.T.Y.A are (Royalty Theatre Youth Acadamy) are staging a VARIETY SHOW on 25 th and 26th November with special guests   tickets are only a fiver and all profits are going to Teenage Cancer Trust ....
This Horrible disease may have got a hold of Claire .. she is a fighter and will get through this no problem .. lets kick the bugger up the arse and get rid of it forever by supporting theses events in whatever way we can .. please x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Aqui las pinguinos

Paul and I had a little drive down the coast yesterday and ended up in Redcar !
REDCAR ... i hear you cry ! .. it was bloody lovely if not a little cold .. had a walk along the prom and around the boating lake, then a rake around the town centre shops.. all in all a very nice few hours out !

you can't start a fire without a spark.: PLEASE, SPONSOR ME!

you can't start a fire without a spark.: PLEASE, SPONSOR ME!: "sponsor my 6.5 mile walk online: this means a lot to me, please, get involved."

Monday, 18 October 2010

Wide awake in search of a tardis

Here we are at 6.30am on Tuesday morning and i`m wide awake watching On The Busses on channel E44+5.. Have been to bed and slept,don`t get me wrong ! but i woke up at 6 and couldnt get back to sleep. Paul (my partner) is off work today too, so he will be full of the joys of spring and wanting to go out for the day later, whilst i will be too effin tired and can`t be arsed !
Am missing my friends and family a lot at the moment , the last few days have been lovely spending time with the kids but i have an uncontrollable urge to go and visit my old buddies in Blackpool (I get these urges every 6 months or so) Haven`t been to Blackpool for over a year, last time was for my mate Jays stag night early last year ... and thats all abit of a blur !
Sometimes i just wish i could turn back the clock ? then i think .. how far back would i turn it if i could take my knowledge of the past years with me ? ? hmmmm ? I have some brilliant friends around me now and my teenagers and brilliant, and My family are supportive ... but .. what if ????? (wait for the trippy music and things to blur )